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Tako Pore All-In-One Cleansing Stick


An innovative all in one cleansing stick, the dual-ended stick contains a solid cleanser on one side and a silicone brush on the other side to achieve an easy deep cleanse! Formulated to give a powerful triple cleanse in just one stick, the stick glides onto skin as a balm and melts into an oil to break down makeup and dissolve skin impurities and transforms into a micro bubble foam cleanser for a final cleanse. The attached rubber pore brush provides an even deeper cleanse and helps to bring pore-clogging impurities to the surface while also giving skin a soothing massage effect for the ultimate cleanse!

Size: 35g

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What makes it good?

Features a natural plant oil blend with 60% Sunflower Seed Oil and our Pore Clean Complex for a superior cleansing result. The powerful blend of marine plant extracts, black mud, and charcoal in an adorable and convenient scrub container easily extracts pore-clogging skin impurities to reveal a more clarified complexion!

Key Ingredients

  • Marine Root-Up Complex:
    • Taurine – Hydrates and firms skin for a pore-tightening effect.
    • Dead Sea Salt – Natural minerals provide soothing after-care.
    • Black Peat Water – Purifies skin by absorbing waste and toxins.
  • Natural Plant Oil Blend – Includes 60% Sunflower Seed Oil for a hydrating and nourishing finish.
  • Pore Clean Complex (Quillaia, Soapweed, Soapberry, and Yucca Extract) – Provides a superior cleanse.
  • Rotorua Mud - Absorbs excess sebum.
  • Charcoal Powder – Extracts blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin impurities.


How to use?

  1. Apply the cleansing stick directly to dry skin.
  2. With clean fingers, massage balm gently to remove eye and lip makeup.
  3. Using the attached pore brush, wet the brush and massage over skin until fine bubbles begin to form.
  4. Rinse face with warm water.
  5. Rinse the brush thoroughly with water and let fully dry before using again. (Brush head can be detached if needed.)

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