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Minions Accessories Bundle

$24.00 $19.00

Complete your shower routine with our Minions Accessories Bundle. This bundle includes shower accessories that'll help make your routine fun and enjoyable! 

Set includes:

  • Minions Shower Cap - Keep your hair dry with this adorable, comfortable, and durable shower cap. Large enough to cover long and thick hair, keep your hair frizz-free and dry while you shower or take a bath! 
  • Minions Loofah - Bring the fun to the bath or shower with this adorable Minions loofah! Use with your favorite body wash to effectively cleanse and exfoliate your body.
  • Minions Mirror - Say Bello to your beautiful face with this adorable flower-shaped mirror! 

    Treat yourself to a self-care day and boost your mood with our cute Minions accessories! 

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