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MOSCHINO Soft Glam Eye Palette

$77.00 $40.00

Our MOSCHINO Soft Glam Eye Palette features 8 moody hued colors. The palette includes matte, glitter, and shimmer options. Designed as a detachable card wallet, once you remove the palette a wallet is revealed! 


Top Row Left to Right: 01 Trolley (glitter), 02 Peach Cream (matte), 03 Pretty Hunter (glitter), 04 Guava (shimmer)

Bottom Row Left to Right: 05 Magic Lab (matte), 06 Tiramisu (matte), 07 Golden Rose (glitter), 08 Harlequin (glitter)


Top Row Left to Right: 01 Magic Shop (glitter), 02 Killing Me (shimmer), 03 Mister Q (glitter), 04 Havana (shimmer)

Bottom Row Left to Right: 05 Ti Amo (glitter), 06 Overdose (matte), 07 Starry Night (glitter), 08 Dark Night (matte) 


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01 | Love Scenario


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What makes it good?

Create an array of different eye makeup with these palettes containing different finishes for endless makeup looks! 

How to use?

  1. Prepare lids with concealer or primer. 
  2. Apply shadow with eye shadow brush to customize your own natural or bold makeup look. 

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