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Spotless Skin Set

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If your skin is oily or acne-prone, we have just the routine for you! This four piece set is packed with treatments designed to effectively target blemishes, unclog pores and remove blackheads and whiteheads.

  • Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick - Effortlessly extract blackheads and whiteheads with our adorable, speedy scrub stick! Formulated with a powerful blend of Marine Plant Extracts to unclog pores and remove impurities, leaving you with a clearer, smoother complexion in minutes!
  • I'm Rice Clarifying Blemish MaskDetox and clarify your skin with our bestselling wash-off mask! The formula is packed with powerful ingredients to soothe irritation, reduce redness and draw out excess oil, pore-clogging impurities, and acne-causing bacteria.
  • Wonder Tea Tree Pore Fresh Toner - This clarifying formula uses naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-packed ingredients to soothe irritation, gently decongest clogged pores, improve skin texture, and reduce the appearance of pores, while hydrating and strengthening the skin.
  • I'm Charcoal All Over Blemish Patches - Banish blemishes while you sleep with this overnight treatment! Each set includes 5 hydrocolloid patches designed to perfectly fit the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose so you can wake up to clearer, less irritated skin!

Our Spotless Skin Set is designed to target and treat acne-prone or oily skin with four effective treatments!

Key Ingredients

  • Tako Pore Blackhead Scrub Stick - Charcoal Powder, Rotorua Mud, Marine Root-Up Complex (Taurine, Dead Sea Salt, Black Peat Water)
  • I'm Rice Clarifying Blemish Mask - Herb Pure Complex, Acnacidol BG, Kaolin Clay
  • Wonder Tea Tree Pore Fresh Toner - Tea Tree Extract, Tea Tree Oil, Squalane, Centella Asiatica (Cica)
  • I'm Charcoal All Over Blemish Patches - Charcoal Powder, Niacinamide

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